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Laura has a great way of helping a person figure out what they want and creating a plan to get there. She has great practical ideas about avenues to develop to promote one’s business pragmatically, but she is also good at helping a person figure out what they want first of all, a vital step in the over-all process of moving in a new direction. She is very good at listening to a person and also helping them sort through blocks or fears they may have regarding the results they hope to attain. She is very good at suggesting steps to take and finds a nice balance of encouraging a person without being pushy. I highly recommend Laura.
— Christine, Yelp Reviewer
I’m working on starting a podcast and Laura helped me work through my initial questions and gave me such down-to-earth and practical steps for moving forward. Laura went above and beyond as my coach because she has the ability to provide practical advice from the world of podcasting, having multiple of her own podcasts and a large following! On top of that, at the same time, she was able to right away understand me and gave me very practical advice and information that helped me with my own personal questions and concerns due to my own particular circumstances. I would recommend Laura to anyone. She is so gifted and brings unparalleled guidance and encouragement to anyone she works with. Thank you infinitely, Laura!
— ~ Louisa, Yelp Reviewer
Laura’s coaching brought me such clarity and focus that I feel powerfully charged to move ahead in my business! Laura is able to lend concrete direction about how to structure actions and balance the timing of the many pursuits. We even mapped out an action schedule with positively motivating deadlines. Her coaching ignites synergy and inspires creativity! Laura is extremely generous with her gifts!
— Tricia, Yelp Reviewer
I really enjoy working with Laura. She’s an intuitive listener and helps people get to the root of why their not moving forward on an issue. She’s business savvy and fun. Highly Recommend working with her.
— Adam, Yelp Reviewer
I am a martial arts instructor and a spiritual teacher. Laura has been integral in the growth of both occupations in teaching me new ways to market, organize, and grow these businesses and important parts of my life! She is highly intelligent, articulate explaining things clearly and succinctly, and very much up on the latest technology and able to make it make sense even to a not-so-tech-savy person like me. I am also writing my first book about my near death experience from a few years ago. I look forward to her guidance and insight in printing, marketing and selling the book especially given she is about to release a third book herself. I can’t recommend her services enough! I look forward to continuing to work with her!
— Rex, Yelp Reviewer
Working with Laura has been awesome! I am in the process of starting my own business as a psychic and Laura has steered me in the right direction. Laura has done this very successfully herself, so I know that her suggestions and advice are invaluable. I’ve met with Laura twice and she has given me detailed, logical steps that I can take in order to start creating momentum in my business. In addition, she had a lot of patience to talk me through some of my fears and resistance about moving into the unknown and starting this new venture.

I had my first paying customer in less than two weeks after meeting with Laura. If you are looking to start a spiritual business, Laura is a fantastic coach.
— Delight, Yelp Reviewer
Laura is an intuitive coach with business savvy, wisdom and guidance. Regular check ins have been very insightful and meaningful as I have built my business. I really enjoy working with Laura and can’t recommend Laura highly enough!
— Norm, Yelp Reviewer
My life has gone through an amazing transformation this year with the wisdom and guidance of Laura’s classes and coaching. I now have been given the gift of using my new found transformation to help turn my passion and spiritual beliefs into business opportunities with the help of Laura’s life coaching and counseling. Laura’s keen abilities to tap into psychic awareness and intuitive higher knowledge make her service personally unique to your needs. Through Laura’s classes, coaching and resources, my life’s purpose has been beautifully transformed. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life. I feel like that I am finally able to be creative with business ideas that include my passions and beliefs without feeling overwhelmed or fearful. This truly is a gift of love and light. My only hope is that I take this amazing enlightenment and knowledge that Laura has given me,..... and use it to bless others the way she has blessed me. May your life be filled with Light, Love and Grace.
— Kara, yelp reviewer