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Laura provides one-on-one coaching and group classes for those seeking to start or grow their business. Laura checks in with each client to see what their goals and desires are and then works with them to create a customized and easy to follow plan to implement their goals. She specializes in helping small business owners get started or grow, self-publishing, and podcasting. 

Laura offers 15 minute check-ins as well as 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour sessions and 3 hour packages. Most of Laura's clients are via phone and skype though if her travel schedule allows, it may be possible to meet in person. 

To set an appointment, select the length of the session below, and confirm payment through payment, then contact Laura at 310-598-7871 or lauramichellepowers@gmail.com

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 Easy Podcast Launch

In this class, you will learn how to quickly and easily launch your podcast for less than $10 a month or even for free! You will be given information, simple tips, tools and templates to help you get your own podcast started. Podcasting is a great way to start or build your business, market yourself, and have fun! Best of all, you can have fast growth with podcasting. With the tips you'll learn in this class, you will be podcasting in no time. You can register for the class alone or sign up for a bonus 15 minute coaching session to ask specific questions for your podcast. This is a video class with audio, course handouts, and easy tools and templates you can use to easily start your very own show. Laura will also answer 3 questions about your podcast launch via email with each course registration. For those who want extra support, select the option of a bonus 15 minute coaching session which brings the cost of the course down to just $30! 

Launch Your Podcast Fast (and Free)!

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Podcasting for Fun and Profit

 Dates TBA

In this 4-week teleclass, you will learn the benefits of podcasting, how to start a podcast, tips on distribution and editing, how to build your audience, and how to make money doing it. Podcasting has helped me grow my business, make, get known as a media person, build my brand, and get free passes to awesome events, conferences and festivals! I am now in production for a television series about my work and have two new televion series in development! Without podcasting, this would not have happened. All students will receive helpful templates to invite guests, create show notes, write personalized letters to request press passes to awesome conferences and events and more! The class will be interactive and there will be opportunity for questions during each class and after. After each class, participants will receive a recording of each call, handouts and information related to that call, and inclusion to a private Facebook group for continuing sharing and learning. Help launch yourself as a podcaster and get your business and life to the next level while having a ton of fun!

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